Magic Gold- #3312 H1993 EZ Dryer Bonnet

Magic Gold- #3312 H1993 EZ Dryer Bonnet

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Styling: Promotes long lasting style results while delivering healthy looking and shiny hair

Conditioning Treatment: Gently dried hair gives a good result for flawless styling and treatment

Convenient: Lightweight for easy portability

Easy to use

Light weight

Convenient for travel

Large bouffant size

Fits all hair dryer

Great for styling and setting with rods

Drawstring to tighten around head

EZ Dryer Bonnet Features

This is the most convenient way to set or perm your hair for the latest styles. Also, the bonnet can be used for deep conditioning, hot oil treatments

Instructions for use:

Gently place bonnet over all rollers

Connect the elastic end to he hairdryer's nozzle

Attention: Switch hair dryer on lower setting to avoid overheating

How to use:

Blow dry and shape hair until about 80% dry, set hair in usual manner

Attach hose to dryer and place the bonnet head

Price is for one bonnet