Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

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Nourish your skin with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Skin Therapy 24-Hour Moisture. It comes in a convenient 7.25 oz, has a rich and luxurious feel and is specially formulated to provide deep hydration all over the body. Palmer's cocoa butter 24-hour moisture is a creamy lotion that melts into the skin and works to create a protective barrier that locks in moisture. It's free of parabens and phthalates and is suitable for use on a variety of skin types, including normal to dry skin and even eczema-prone skin. This emollient-rich cocoa butter formula lotion effectively works to heal and soften, leaving skin smooth and supple. The formula makes an ideal choice for daily moisturizing and even works well for overnight skin treatments. It contains vitamin E, which refreshes and soothes rough and dry skin. This skincare product is also designed to smooth and tone skin to help reduce the visibility of marks and scars.

Use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Skin Therapy 24-Hour Moisture daily on your hands, arms, legs and other parts of the body for soft, moisturized skin.

  • Heals, softens and relieves rough, dry skin
  • Smooths marks and tones skin
  • Palmer's cocoa butter 24-hour moisture is made with pure cocoa butter and vitamin E
  • Provides 24-hour moisture
  • Fast absorbing
  • Proven to heal dry skin
  • Suitable for eczema-prone skin
  • Soothes skin after sun exposure
  • Smooths marks and scars
  • Paraben- and phthalate-free
  • Helps reduce the appearance of imperfections on the skin
  • Suitable for everyday moisturization and overnight skincare treatment