Pandora Halo Extensions 20" Elise

Pandora Halo Extensions 20" Elise

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Pandora Effort-Free Extension Elise 20" Elegance

This is a straight hair halo extensions 

Your Best Kept Hidden Secret

Change your style in just seconds without changing your hair with the Peplos 20" Halo Wire Hair Extension! Give your hair the length and style you want - these extensions look and feel like natural hair and install over your own hair in a snap - just click, wrap, and go. They can be curled or straightened as well, and the colors and texture are so realistic, everyone will think it's your own hair!


Halo extensions are an easy one-step method that will achieve longer and thicker hair within minutes. If you are new to hair extensions, we recommend using Halo extensions. Any type of hair can be worn with halo extensions but if you are someone with short hair that has been cut bluntly, it can sometimes be difficult to blend in the halo therefore a hairdresser may need to create some layers to allow seamless blending.

The benefits of halo extensions are endless, they're versatile and ready-to-wear. Halo extensions are great for everyday wear or any special event. If you’re on a time crunch and want a no-fuss solution to longer and thicker hair, halo extensions are the ideal fit for you!

Care Tips

  • Gently comb out tangles with wide tooth comb
  • Just like your own hair, synthetic hair will accumulate residue through normal wear
  • The hair can be washed with mild shampoo and conditioner as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the fiber appears dull
  • Recommended to wash after approximately 4-6 weeks